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Real Spiritual Experience

There are a variety of spiritual experiences which people encounter after walking on this path. With the practice of meditation under the guidance of a realised Master, one begins to get various spiritual experiences. I have personally had so many — some of them are feeling cool vibrations, sensing the presence of spirits, being caressed lovingly by cold energy, getting divine fragrances, hearing the cosmic sound, sensing and seeing my soul within my body. All these and many more — all through the blessings and grace of our Satguru — His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swamiji.

Things just start happening in auto mode — you think of a person, and that person calls, or someone thinks about you, and you call that person. These are routine occurrences. One unique observation is that if I pray for the rain to give a break as I have to go out, it actually stops raining till I reach my destination and then the skies open up. This has happened innumerable times for it to be a coincidence. One begins to become aware of synchronicity as patterns and so-called coincidences keep occurring in one’s life!

One begins to get insights about certain future happenings which invariably pan out with the passage of time. One begins to sense divine presence in and around one’s body, this presence invariably appears in times of stress giving a kind of unexplainable comfort and sense of calm to face the situation.

One begins to become aware of and in tune with nature — hot and cold climates don’t seem to matter anymore as body consciousness reduces and soul consciousness increases. One feels at peace at all times — nature is beautiful, it is full of life, colours, energy and sounds. Being aware of the holy origin of nature is another frequent experience people all over the world get.

These are all experiences which one feels or gets — thus the body and mind senses these experiences. In meditation one needs to go beyond all these into that void space, into that nothingness. But, if one needs to know what real spiritual experience, then living and working together as one beautiful family with complete love, is truly God-like.

Real spiritual experience means moving around with a smiling, loving face. That is spiritual. To see the spirit in others and to love everyone; to rise above these little differences of the lower nature and bring harmony wherever you are.

If you can’t live harmoniously with others, what is the use of other spiritual experiences? Ultimately, everyone should love you. Keep that in mind: “I will live the kind of life that will make everybody love me, and I will love them.” If that happens in your life, you will know that you are growing spiritually.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude