Remaining Joyous in Tough Times

You may have met people who never seem to lose their equilibrium under any circumstances and wondered how this was possible! As we go through life, we ride the ups and downs which come along with it. Life’s roller coaster ride gives us emotional highs and lows. Remaining balanced and joyous during this roller coaster ride is at the core of spirituality.

There are simple steps one needs to follow to remain in balance. Firstly, one needs to have a healthy body, because without a healthy body one cannot develop the ability to go within and look for inner peace. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind — so stay fit, eat healthy food, exercise, meditate and achieve that inner balance. Once you do that you will be in a mental state that is joyous and happy. Once you have achieved that mental state however tough the times you will sail through harmlessly and joyously.

Secondly, you need to always have a positive outlook — even though today’s world and media only harps on the negative aspects, we need to develop the skill to avoid the negative and focus on the positive. Swamiji always says wherever I go, I only see a wonderful world, that is because I am looking at the positive, if you look at the negative then your life will be full of negatives. So, stay positive and spread positivity.

Practise yoga and meditation to attain physical and mental equilibrium. Practising yoga makes your body fit for meditation, it helps in stilling the mind. Once your body can sit still for a period of time, then your meditative experience can lead you within, once your inner journey starts you realise that whatever is happening outside is just a part of life — your karma — so you get the inner strength to face it and at the same time you remain joyous. Through the regular practice of meditation your inner core becomes still, you merge with yourself within and then everything falls into place. The tough times do not seem tough anymore as you get that inner strength and grace to face life as it comes while displaying a spirit of joy, love and compassion.