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Resistance Strengthens

All of us are looking for peace and happiness in life, whether consciously or sub-consciously really doesn’t matter. We all have experienced this peace and happiness and seem to have lost it, and we certainly want to have it back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come that easily. We have to go through many kinds of resistance. Why? Because only by passing through resistance do we become stronger. Resistance is necessary, resistance is good.

Look at a seed which is buried in the ground. It first creates a foundation by letting its roots go deep and then slowly it sprouts through the mud, if there is a rock blocking its path it goes sideways and circumvents the stone and then sees the light of day. As it grows and grows over time, the stone becomes insignificant as the seed becomes a massive tree. The initial resistance only made the seed stronger. The same is with the child at childbirth, or a butterfly as it struggles to come out of the cocoon. The struggle to take birth, the birth pain is all necessary for all round development of the new life arriving on earth.

Look at sportspersons, athletes — their training involves resistance — it is called resistance training — and this pushes the athlete to go beyond the pain barrier. Why do athletes want to go through the pain barrier? It is because they seek greater physical strength and they recognize the personal benefits of strong legs and strong arms. After all, legs are the primary “vehicle” that accommodate human mobility, and strong arms and legs allow a person to lift and carry heavy loads. Humans benefit by increasing or maintaining good leg and arm strength, and this happens only when a person continues physical activity in the face of resistance.

The way of least resistance will only make one weak and fallible. It is the same in spirituality, the struggle makes one strong. The perseverance and total faith that whatever is our spiritual goal, we will definitely achieve it come what may.

Through meditation and by surrendering completely to our spiritual master we develop the will to fight life’s battles. Our fear dissolves completely as we face life’s challenges with a smile. Our will power, our chitta becomes strong and we face whatever challenges come with a song in our heart — we shall overcome, come what may. And we actually do so!

As we embrace the idea of facing resistance and life’s challenges, as we push back knowing full well that we have our Guru’s blessings, we become stronger and more resilient, and at the same time develop compassion, patience and love for those who are weaker! Resistance makes us stronger and better human beings.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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