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Seeing Visions during Meditation

Of late many people have asked me the meaning of visions one sees while meditating. Getting visions is related to the eyes and the eyes have a connection to the agya chakra. Swamiji has always said that once you reach the agya chakra — that is good as well as bad. The good part is that you have reached the agya chakra — means you have reached the sixth level while clearing the five chakras below the agya chakra. Once you reach the agya chakra you start seeing visions of deities, samadhist Gurus, some see a flame, a blue light which moves in circles and so on. So, what is this and why does this happen — this is the most common question.

The agya chakra holds all the impressions of the past, whether it is guilt, anger, hurt or spiritual in nature. So, the visions of deities, Gurus, saints, etc are basically of those from the past. These impressions are imbedded deep in the subconscious mind or chitta. Once you reach a certain level of progress in meditation these start appearing during meditation. Basically, you are seeing images which are pulled up by your subconscious mind from the past. Some people get so enamoured by this progress and the visions that they get stuck at this level.

When this starts happening it basically means you are trying to enjoy the energy of the past, because your mind is sending you visions of the past Gurus who had spread divine energy and consciousness during their era. Whereas the art of meditation is to remain in the present — the present moment in fact — all the time. When you remain in the present moment, then only can you pull in the energy of the present time and connect with the divine energy being distributed continuously by the Gurus of the present time. Paramatma existed in the past, exists in the present and will exist in the future. The energy of the Gurus is from the distant past — what we need to connect to is the same energy in the present time. You can do that only when you connect to a Spiritual Master of the present time. We are blessed to have such a Master in our life — His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami!

Once you go past the agya chakra and reach the crown chakra — sahastrar chakra — then you have reached akash or space or ether — here you see nothing at all, but you start receiving spiritual experiences, you get to hear the cosmic sound, you get the fragrance of flowers and so on. Hence, it is great to reach the agya chakra and see these visions, but do not let these visions bottle you up, go beyond the visions into space, enjoy the journey and the joy and bliss which results. Stay in the moment always happy and joyous, spread joy and love, which actually is our true nature!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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