Selfless like Nature

It is said that we are all born for a purpose — basically to work out our karmas before progressing to higher vibrational levels. What about nature — does it exist for a purpose? No, nature is part of existence and it is just giving without any expectations. Living nature, existence is not there for any purpose — take for instance flowers — some of them are beautiful to look at, but there is no fragrance, some of them are beautiful and fragrant, some look ordinary but their fragrance is simply divine — they are only giving all the time. They bloom, they give their joy and beauty, their fragrance, we enjoy all this and by the end of the day or on the next day they wither away and merge with the earth before the cycle starts again. Similarly, rivers, waterfalls, the sun, the moon they are all just flowing, shining, giving light, giving radiance — they just exist in giving humanity life giving abundance.

This is all a part of the divine created by the Almighty. The flowers, the sun, the moon, the rivers do not ask what is the purpose of our existence! It is only we humans who are looking for a purpose, demanding a purpose to live, getting frustrated and tense if the so called ‘purpose’ is not achieved. Our mind does not ‘accept’ the fact that we can live even if our ‘objective’ or ‘purpose’ is not achieved. The mind does not accept ‘failure’ of not achieving the objective — if that objective was not meant to be achieved, then that is how it is meant to be. The day one accepts this reality — that is the day one changes in ‘nature’. Man’s intelligence is the biggest obstacle in one’s search for Paramatma. The day one’s intelligence bows down to the soul, that is the day you start your journey towards merging with nature. Acceptance becomes the way of life; whatever life throws at you — you accept with a smile and move on.

With meditation comes serenity, a calmness within, an indescribable joy in living. Your nature becomes selfless as your own essence starts merging with mother nature, the ultimate unification of mind, body and soul with universal consciousness starts taking place. This takes time and commitment, it is not easy, it requires dedication, faith and a sense of complete and unconditional surrender to your Guru or Master, who guides you very subtly on to the path of liberation. Become a part of the journey and then let the journey become you!



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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude