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Spiritual Energy and the Cosmos

We are all aware of the gross body and the subtle body — Swamiji has explained this in many of his discourses. With meditation and opening of the chakras and awakening of the kundalini energy, we start receiving cosmic energy. Actually, this is an ongoing process but because we are not aware and our minds are filled with thoughts of the past and the future, we are actually unable to receive this flow of continuous energy.

With continuous practice of half an hour of daily meditation as indicated by Swamiji, over a period of time we cleanse our chakras and meridians and begin to live in the present moment. Once we become more or less empty that is when our own spiritual energy starts connecting with the cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is nothing but the energy of universal consciousness or Paramatma or God — we all are surrounded by it, in and out, it is everywhere — we are just not aware of it.

When one’s spiritual energy unites with cosmic energy it heals the blockages present in the body. Once we are aligned with cosmic energy we become a channel, a medium for it, like Swamiji is in today’s world. This energy regulates the blood flow and lowers stress on the heart. It expands our consciousness and make us more in tune with everything around us rather than restrict us to our immediate family and inner circle. We become more aware and responsible for the planet and all its creatures and their right to live equally in harmony on earth. This expands our field of thinking and makes us wiser too. It helps us to lead a happy and prosperous life wherein we become a medium to share happiness selflessly with everyone and everything. Once this happens it gives us inner peace and joy.

Cosmic energy is all knowing, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient because it is God’s own energy. With meditation we reach a stage where our mind becomes silent, we become void and then we welcome the cosmic energy as it starts flowing in us and becoming one with our own spiritual energy. Our body is truly wonderful. It is like an interconnected web of many systems and organs working together — our body is actually a reflection of the universe within the physical body with billions of cells etc. When one system is stressed or agitated, the brain sends ripples (signals) across the body & the whole body feels stressed out & disturbed. When we are emotionally disturbed, stress hormones adrenalin & cortisol are released in our blood inducing illness in the body.

Emotions i.e. Energy in motion. An emotionally disbalanced mind sucks our physical energy too & leaves us drained out. But when we detach from this monkey mind and see the big picture, we realize that everything happens for a reason. We wish to solve all problems at the physical or psychological level but when we rise to the spiritual level & connect to the Universal Energy, all the problems are effortlessly solved and we attain permanent peace & bliss.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude