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Spiritual Surrender

In many of my earlier posts I have written on ‘surrender’ — today I will try and explain it after listening to Osho’s Ashtavakra Gita and my understanding based on that explanation. The question was ‘How to surrender?’ Surrender is not something that one has to do, it is something that happens. Swamiji too has mentioned that he plays his music according to your song — meaning he is with you to the extent you are with him. I remember when I attended the shibir in 2009 February, I was drawn into it with great force, I became ‘mad’ and got so intoxicated that the family felt I had gone nuts. I went to almost all the cities where Swamiji was giving his darshan shibirs! I realise now that my complete, unconditional surrender took place during that first shibir itself — it just happened, I did not do anything — it was all His Grace!

The problem with ‘surrender’ is we think we know it all and because we are filled with knowledge it becomes difficult for the mind to accept ‘surrender’. The mind will bring in all kinds of impediments and questions to make you reconsider your decision. Surrender cannot take place bit by bit. Knowledge covers your eyes with dark clouds, creates a wall of thick smoke, and you start feeling that you know. Actually, you are going deeper into ignorance. The Upanishads have a great saying, “The ignorant man is lost in darkness, but the knowledgeable man is lost in deeper darkness than the ignorant — because the knowledgeable lives in an ‘as if’ world. He thinks he knows, but he knows not.”

Osho says that surrender is a real mystery — this is the beginning of real knowing, when all life becomes a mystery, when you come to a state of not knowing at all! When we drop everything, we know and accept that we know nothing — that is when our mind becomes empty and we are able to absorb divine knowledge.

Surrender is actually a quantum leap from mind to no-mind, from ego to egolessness, and then in a single step the whole journey is contained! It is actually not a long journey from you to Paramatma, it is a single-step journey. It is not gradual, it is not that it happens bit by bit, and gradually you come to the divine. It is a quantum leap! One moment you were in darkness and the next moment all is light. All that is needed is to put the ego aside. Once the ego is put aside, your eyes open and you realise that God is not hidden, he is within you.

Surrender means opening your eyes, dropping the false idea that “I am separate from the whole.” You wake up to reality and the false idea in your mind disintegrates, leaving you with real knowledge. Once this happens you move away from the hallucinatory world of the ego into the world of spiritual surrender which is filled with divine bliss and joy — as bliss is the very nature of the way things are!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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