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Spiritualising Family Life

In modern times we hear parents say that it is so difficult to raise children with all the influences of video games, violence on TV, and peer pressure at school. As loving and caring parents we pass on the values which we receive from our parents to our children, adding whatever we feel is necessary due to the changed times.

In India, most of the families that follow Sanatan Dharma say morning and evening prayers with whichever family members are present. We spiritualise our family life and all our relationships through affirmations, meditation thereby deepening our understanding, the respect, the kindness and the love that we have for one another.

It is important to share our genuine love for the Supreme Power with our children and encourage them to explore their inner self through meditation, telling them stories of saints of the past and if you are lucky introducing the concept of a living Satguru in this life. If we show them by example that we truly believe in our own Satguru, it is easier for them as they grow up to include the same values in their life. Children being innocent, find it easier to accept a living Master provided their parents follow him diligently and think, talk and act in a manner which is in synchronicity with their Master.

Daily morning and evening meditation, sharing stories of the happenings during the day, analysing the events from spiritual perspectives, getting answers to why certain things happen — all this makes daily life spiritual.

When we live our daily life at home in the presence of both our parents and our children practicing meditation in collectivity, while believing in a Supreme Power or Paramatma and trying to establish oneness with Paramatma deep within the self — this helps the children commune with God and try to find that connect within themselves.

When these habits are learnt at home they extend into the child’s life at school and play experiences. Children are spiritual by nature and are born with a deep devotion to God and His goodness. As parents we can foster the innate spiritual nature of our children and unlock their divine potential so they may become more like God every day. From infancy a baby will experience the essence of God through the way we talk, hold and meet her physical and emotional needs. When we are gentle and respond with consistency and unconditional love, we build trust and the baby feels loved and learns that the world is a good place. This “goodness” is how young children experience God.

We can help children feel the presence of God by surrounding them with beautiful pictures, harmonious sounds and peaceful experiences. During the first six years especially, children absorb their surroundings and whatever their senses encounter. When we make their environment beautiful and peaceful, this is internalised into the soul.



Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude