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Spirituality in Daily Life

Whether we have realised it or not, spirituality is a sacred connection within our mind, body and soul. When we honour all our cells and organs working for us daily, we are capable of reducing physical pains attached to stress. Spirituality is one way by which we can speak our body’s language and listen to the call of our spirit. When we encounter the deeper sense of aliveness in relation to what is within and around us, we realise the beauty of being in tune with our spiritual life.

Regular meditation, sitting in silence in nature, silent selfless prayers, listening to devotional songs, painting, singing, etc are all ways through which you can resonate with your spiritual self, you inner self. The beauty of walking on this path is that you get to be creative and make your own journey as interesting and self-cleansing as you want it to be. You can try all the ways that you can think of and continue with the one’s that resonate with you.

All spiritual practices have one thing in common — that is to connect with your heart center and be light. After that one surrenders deep-rooted emotional angst, cultivate love, and acknowledge our own courage to continue showing up each day in front of our soul and heal ourselves.

With this daily practice of healing one’s self, we subconsciously tune in with our soul, we start listening to that inner voice which is guiding us 24x7. Once that begins to happen our daily life in the midst of all the noise and chatter which is happening out there, we maintain our inner balance while just watching the world in it’s daily routine. Our own routine becomes practised witnessing of what is happening — we perform all our daily activities without being affected by what we are doing or saying.

There are definitely times when circumstances make us temporarily lose our balance but we manage to find our bearings very quickly. We notice in today’s society that people are hell-bent after acquiring material comforts at whatever price, sometimes going to the extent of selling their soul to get what they want. This approach ultimately leads to grief with all the legal consequences that follow such actions.

In such an imbalanced world, our performance becomes like that of an accomplished actor — the physical body plays its role in the material world and the inner self remains centred in its own being. We witness what is happening in life while automatically going through the motions of living in the outer world, whereas in reality we are tuned in to our inner world of peace and silence.

Our goal should be to reach that stage of inner calm and peace filled with joy and bliss where we live our material life with full responsibility under the rules of society while at the same time remaining centred in our inner world.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude