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The Best Compliment!

We receive lots of compliments throughout our life — you look good, so beautiful, what a wonderful dress, you are so kind and so on and so forth. With time you become spiritual and start following a Master — then what is the best compliment you can ever give your Master? What do you think the Master expects of you, if he expects anything at all?

The connection between a spiritual guru and their disciples is emotional, personal and spiritual. It is based on trust, faith, innocence and the promise of liberation. The spiritual path is just that…..a path, a journey. Without waiting for a thank you or a compliment, seva comes from a desire to serve.

In truth, no one needs a guru; however, the blessings a guru offers make it extremely desirable to have one. Imagine the spiritual journey being similar to having a large student loan that will take the rest of your life to pay off in sizable monthly instalments. After living years with this burden, imagine meeting an incredibly wealthy person who offers to pay off your debt because they are so wealthy that they wouldn’t miss the money. You now have the option to carry this hardship for the rest of your life or let this wealthy person relieve you of the burden. Wouldn’t you say yes please? This is the gift and the grace of the spiritually wealthy guru. They wash your karma, transform any and all pain you offer them, and fill you with infinite love until you embrace your true self — the eternal light within.

You learn to serve the guru by doing his work, spread the knowledge of spirituality and have a deep desire to give what you yourself have received to others. Our seva or service is in giving with an open heart, whether that person receives the blessing or lets it go is not our responsibility. If we touch that person’s heart then great, if not great.

But the best compliment that any disciple can give his guru is to become his mirror image or come as close to that as possible. If the Guru is able to see that his disciple is experiencing all the joy and happiness and good health that the Guru himself is enjoying, then that would be the best compliment. Not just words or praise — but if the Guru is able to see that the disciple is enjoying life just as He is, then there could be no greater compliment than that.



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