The Chakra Conundrum

There are many people who are not aware of ‘chakras’, which are basically energy centres in the body lying along the spinal cord — medically they are known as glands such as the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, adrenal, pancreas, etc. Those who are seekers and are meditating regularly, listen to spiritual discourses of realised Masters are aware of the chakras. When we learn about the chakras there is a natural tendency to see or seek means of finding out what is the state of our chakras. Earlier this was not possible, but now with the advance of technology there are several ways in which one can find out about one’s chakras. You can google and learn about this — the objective of this post is not to know about the state of one’s chakras!

Swamiji always says in Hindi, “chakra ke chakkar me mat pado” — meaning do not get involved in knowing about your chakras. Now, why does He say that? Suppose you come to know that all your chakras are balanced and you have a good state — what does that do to you, most likely you will get into an ego trip and tell others that you got a very good chakra report. The moment you do that you will most likely attract the negative attention of others who may feel miffed at your message and think why does that person have balanced chakras and not me! Once this starts happening you start attracting the negative attention of such persons and at a very subtle level this affects you thus unbalancing your chakras. Your ego also creates an imbalance — so what is the point in getting your chakras checked?

In the other case, if your chakras are not balanced then you go into guilt and feel — I meditate so much, then why did I get such a report! So, instead of going on an ego or guilt trip, it is best to just meditate and leave it to nature to do the rest. Believe me, if all your chakras are balanced you will feel buoyant, there will be radiance on your face, you will not fall sick, etc. If you find yourself in such a situation then understand that all is well with you. If not, then all you need to do is meditate regularly and balance yourself. It takes time, but it happens just as the sun rises and sets every day. So, just meditate and do not get involved in the chakra conundrum!

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Girish Borkar

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