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The Good and the Bad

Swamiji, in many of his discourses has told us that at birth we have 50% good and 50% bad within us — it is our upbringing and then as we grow up, the company we keep which decides which direction we take, good or bad.

There is an old native American story which perfectly explains the concept of good and bad within us. An old native American was talking to his grandson about good and bad. He told his grandson he had two wolves fighting inside of him — a good wolf and a bad wolf. His grandson asked, “Which wolf is winning?” The old man answered, “The one I feed”. Which wolf do you feed? It is all a choice for each one of us and we need our spiritual view to balance the good and bad within us.

Spiritually this can be seen from the positive and negative energy perspective — as it is everything in this universe is energy, hence let us look at this from the energy point of view. Energy is always present, it is always around, always flowing, at all times. Energy has two forms — good and bad, just like alkaline and acidic properties in nature and in our body — these can either have negative influence or a positive influence in our lives.

All this depends on how strong our aura is built. The aura is created through spiritual practice and meditation which creates our energy field. This energy field is protecting us all the time. We can recognise a good energy force when we feel its presence, in that energy field we feel good, safe, joyous, calm, loving. We produce this energy through everything that we do — our movement, thought, passion, actions. Good energy flow is found when one has a clear state of being which allows the aura space to be filled with positive energy.

A focus only on the body and its emotional view limits us in seeing what is truly beneficial. That is where meditation is needed to allow a spiritual perspective for our choices. The old saying that “a little good and a little bad make a happy life” indicates a balanced perspective. When we see life from a broader perspective than just the physical, we can more easily forgive ourselves and others and move on, instead of being mired in ideals of perfection about what is good and bad.

When we are unsure of our choice, we should pause to meditate on the issue which is bothering us, so that we can find a spirit/body balance and enjoy life. One should know which “wolf” is being fed through meditation.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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