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The Greatest Freedom

Buddha was the greatest anarchist — he did not believe in any external rule. To help one become free from the outer, he taught the way to achieve inner freedom, develop an inner discipline. There are millions of ways one can find to awaken the inner guide, every path leads to the same destination.

One has choices for pursuing the path for seeking inner joy. The best part of the Buddha is that when one has learned the inner discipline, he appears to destroy that too — because either one is ruled from the outside or from the inside. Either way, one becomes a slave; freedom is only when there is no rule.

The inner discipline is just to step out of the outer domination of the society we live in, of the state, civilization, culture, language, etc. Once we free ourselves from the outer domination, we embark on freeing ourselves from the inner discipline. This is extremely difficult, as our subconscious has been trained over several births to follow a certain inner discipline. This is all part of the process to total freedom — knowing with awareness that we are on the right path is extremely important.

According to the Buddha, no-discipline is the discipline to follow, because when a person is without any discipline, then there is beauty — because then there is freedom. In such a state, one acts spontaneously; not according to any rule imposed by others or by oneself. One simply acts out of nothingness — the response is total; nothing is held back! There is tremendous grace and benediction — because now the actor has completely disappeared, the doer is no more there. When one is trying to discipline oneself, the doer remains, in a subtle way.

Duality remains in disciplining oneself — one remains divided, as one part of you is trying to discipline another part of you. There is bound to be conflict in duality, because in reality you are one, and this is the fiction. Who is trying to rule, to dominate whom? There is only one existence within, just one being. To try and bring any sort of discipline means dividing that unity, and that division leads to misery, to hell.

What Buddha had said was — God is not and there is freedom. Freedom means: you are not created by anybody and you are not dominated by anybody and nor are you manipulated by anybody. This absolute freedom, is God.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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