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The Heart is Always Right

We have read so many quotes on how the heart is always right. It is alright to follow the heart, but it’s not safe to do so when one is feeling extremely happy or sad as those emotions can cloud one’s judgement and thus influence your decision. The best way forward is to rationalise your decision by removing the extreme emotions and then taking your decision.

When one listens to one’s heart then one is actually listening to the soul which is giving you the advice. Believe me that advice may not always appear sound in the short term, but its long-term benefits are lasting and always in your favour. Listening to heart is sometimes difficult as the heart also deals with pain and the stress caused by pain. But pain is also a great teacher if we want to learn from it. Most of us tend to mask our pain and pretend it does not exist. Unfortunately, we cannot mask the pain in our heart. The greater the pain, greater the need for you to attend to it. You can do so by forgiving all those involved in causing the pain, reconciling with them and moving on.

Life is all about love and humanity, we cannot allow pain to mask our true human nature. That is why the heart’s role is of utmost importance. If we keep listening to our mind, we will always be in a mood for confrontation and arguments. The mind truly represents one’s ego and that is dangerous for your spiritual development.

The heart is critical for your spiritual progress. You need to keep it enveloped in love and compassion so that the darker emotions don’t get a hold of it. Learn to be still, quiet as that will help you get closer to your heart. Meditation and yoga are of great help in quieting your mind and that silence will help you listen to your heart.

The heart plays an important role in all our relationships. Even if the other person uses the head, you should use more of your heart. Remember, ultimately the heart will win; it may take time, but it will win. If you really want to use your heart, you will be guided in that direction. God’s guidance will be there. Pray more and trust in that higher force.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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