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The Hidden Hand

Oftentimes in life, things happen that seem out of our control or inexplicable due to our limited angle of vision. When we have faith in God, we come to understand and accept that everything that happens in life is according to God’s will.

Most of the time for most of us we like to be ‘in control’ of our life. We plan everything well in advance and are often surprised when things don’t happen as planned. In fact, we are taught to have plans A, B and C — and even then, things don’t work out sometimes. We love to think that good things that happen in our life because of our knowledge, work and expertise. When bad things happen, we always rationalise and say that was not in our control and thereby don’t blame ourselves.

We all are born with God-given talents and abilities and He expects us to use them. However, in the larger picture, we are limited in how much we can control. It is our ego that tells us that we can do it and we keep pushing and trying against all odds. If one has a very strong will power and there is collective strength in the effort, one finds that one succeeds in spite of all odds.

Why does this happen? An individual’s act is nothing but a part of a cosmic act. It’s not that you are acting; someone is there who makes you act. Somebody made you with a purpose, somebody is making you work and somebody is going to make you stop. You are free to remember it or not. It is that simple!

There is always an unseen hand guiding us, protecting us. We need to accept this and be grateful for the guidance. For meditators and for those who have received self-realisation, the soul becomes the guide. The inner voice becomes our unseen hand.

For the unseen hand to be our guiding force, we need to remain pure and selfless. Our approach to life should be filled with love and compassion for all, our individual energy should be so positive that we ourselves become helping hands for others in need, even without them knowing it.

By doing this selflessly we become God’s instruments in spreading divinity in this world filled with conflict. Today, we need such souls to spread positivity in the midst of turmoil and stress. Let us help in spreading joy and bliss and try and help in alleviating the misery of those who cannot help themselves.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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