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The Journey is the Destination

We have all heard about ‘spiritual journey’, which begins for normal persons after they meet their living Satguru or Master. This journey begins after the Master plants the seed of awakening in the disciple and the disciple nurtures this seed through his spiritual practice of yoga and meditation.

The question which bothers most people is — when will we reach our destination? This question has been asked of Swamiji many times and Swamiji has given different replies depending on the state of the disciple asking the question. Swamiji always answers based on what he ‘sees’ at that time — and the answer satiates the minds of the masses listening to the response.

The way I see it and I may be completely wrong — is that the journey itself is the destination. From whatever little I have experienced to date is that there is really no end to this journey — all it does is take you deeper and deeper into your own self, where more and more dimensions keep opening, making you go ‘aaha’ — its like Archimedes’s eureka moment — only thing here this ‘aaha’ is full of amazement, awe and wonder at what one ‘sees’ within with the opening of yet another dimension.

Spiritual seekers are always in a hurry to reach the destination. Such seekers have still not dropped the ego, because it is the ego which is urging them on — and till the ego is around the destination is far away — the journey has begun but the path is lost; journey will start becoming the destination only when the ego falls away and we regain the complete innocence of our childhood.

It is the innocence of childhood that creates the wonder in our eyes and hearts when we first experience ‘Paramatma’ within. The experiences then continue with your spiritual practice — cold vibrations, fragrances, journey into the calm, cool, peaceful dark tunnel, till you see that brilliant flash of light which blinds you into opening your eyes — you are not ready for it yet. If one is ready then that brilliant light will not surprise/shock you into opening your eyes. Still some inner progress to be made till that light can be absorbed.

Our entire journey is from darkness to light — the journey itself is filled with peace, joy, indescribable love and bliss. The experiences which one gets during the journey makes it appear that the journey itself is the destination. May we all enjoy the journey and help find peace and brotherhood in this world which appears to be in turmoil!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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