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The Language of Existence

Girish Borkar


In the vast tapestry of existence, beyond the confines of words and concepts, lies a language that transcends the limitations of human expression. This is the language of existence itself, spoken in the silent whispers of the universe, in the gentle rustle of leaves, and in the cosmic dance of stars. It is a language that speaks directly to the soul, bypassing the intellect and touching the deepest recesses of our being.

To understand the language of existence is to attune ourselves to the rhythms of nature, to the ebb and flow of life’s cycles. It is to listen with an open heart and a receptive mind, allowing ourselves to be guided by the wisdom of the universe. In this language, there are no words, only vibrations of energy that resonate with the essence of who we are.

When we learn to speak the language of existence, we become attuned to the subtle nuances of life, able to decipher its hidden messages and glean insights from the most mundane of experiences. We no longer feel isolated or disconnected from the world around us, but instead, we feel a deep sense of interconnectedness and belonging.

To speak the language of existence is to live in harmony with the natural order of things, to flow with the currents of life rather than resisting them. It is to embrace the impermanence of all things and to find beauty in the ever-changing dance of creation and destruction.

At its core, the language of existence is one of love and compassion. It teaches us to see the divinity in all things and to treat every being with kindness and respect. It reminds us that we are not separate from the world around us but are instead integral parts of a greater whole.

Learning to speak the language of existence is not something that can be taught in words or learned from a book. It is a deeply personal journey of self-discovery, requiring patience, humility, and an open heart. It is a journey that takes us beyond the realm of the known into the realm of the unknown, where we must let go of our preconceived notions and surrender to the mystery of life.

But as we journey deeper into the heart of existence, we discover that the language of existence is not something foreign or unfamiliar but is, in fact, the language of our own soul. It is the language of love, of truth, and of inner wisdom that has been with us since the beginning of time.

As we learn to speak this language fluently, we find that it opens doors to new realms of possibility and potential. It guides us on our path and illuminates the way forward, helping us to navigate the complexities of life with grace and ease.

In the end, the language of existence is not something to be mastered or conquered but is instead a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery. It is a journey that leads us back to ourselves, to the deepest truths of our own being, and to the realisation that we are all interconnected parts of a vast and wondrous whole.



Girish Borkar

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