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The Last Mile

Girish Borkar
3 min readJan 15


The aim of every realised Satguru is to ensure that the disciple becomes his/her own Guru. No true Guru tries to bind you down, on the contrary their objective is to set you free. We are extremely fortunate and can consider ourselves to be blessed to be under the wings of His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swamiji, who in my opinion is in the top quadrant of the pyramid amongst all the current Gurus. If we have observed a pyramid, it has a broad base and it goes on tapering till it becomes a point at the peak.

After initiating us Swamiji has taken us on a high-speed corridor and has dropped us off on the highway exit nearest to our home. This home is nothing but our own inner abode, our nijdham. As we make our spiritual progress Swamiji will keep a silent watch on our progress, but he will now not interfere, his job is done, our job remains. This last mile connectivity is completely our responsibility.

How we reach our inner abode from the highway is entirely upto us — we could take the direct and shortest path, or we could meander through lanes and by-lanes and over a period of time approach our inner abode. This period of time is the most challenging for all sadhaks, it is the period of surrender and simultaneously it is the period when the suppressed ego starts reappearing while trying to lead us off-track.

The ego craves company while the spirit wants to connect in solitude. When we begin to come into a higher knowing of ourselves, when we begin to connect deeply with Truth, the need for distractions naturally starts to fall away and even the will to be social or engage in the outer life is just not going to be there anymore for a while. Instead, we begin to enjoy being with ourselves, in nature, and in solitude. This is one of the blessings because once we come to this place in our process, other things will open up and follow. But as long as the resistance is there, or the wish to not go into aloneness, we will feel as if life is working against us. Once the blessing is seen though, that’s when we can begin to use it to our advantage, and that is a blessing in itself. Very few people have the courage, the stamina and the dedication to continue following the path when the call for aloneness sets in.

Being committed and dedicated to Truth will drive us forward. Flow with life, do the inner work and let grace do the transformation for us. We just have to be committed to reach our inner abode. In our aloneness we are being undone so that Truth can come forth through us. Always remember — Truth has our back, always, and in all ways.

Gurus and teachers will eventually fade and drop away, all books read, techniques implemented on the journey will be forgotten — Nothing left to do, nowhere to go, we are all alone in our inner abode. Silence, bliss, joy …. Journey from the highway to the inner abode has ended — only thing that exists is NOW, THIS MOMENT.



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