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The Mystery of Life

Girish Borkar


Life, the most intricate and captivating puzzle we all find ourselves entangled in, is a profound enigma waiting to be unravelled. We embark on this journey with countless questions, and as we traverse its winding paths, the mystery only deepens.

From the very moment of our birth, we are immersed in a world filled with awe and wonder. The world’s beauty, complexity, and diversity stir our curiosity and drive us to explore its secrets. Yet, the more we discover, the more the mystery of life unfolds.

Life is a juxtaposition of opposites, where joy and sorrow, birth and death, creation and destruction coexist. It is this duality that keeps us perpetually curious. The profound moments of happiness and the profound moments of suffering both contribute to the enigma, unveiling life’s intricate layers.

In our pursuit of understanding, we seek meaning in life’s mystery. Some find it through religion, philosophy, or science, while others find it in personal experiences and relationships. The search for purpose is a shared human endeavour that adds depth to the mystery.

One of life’s most profound mysteries is the cycle of birth and death. Each birth herald’s new beginnings, while each death signals an end. Yet, life persists, and the essence of existence remains hidden, creating an ongoing mystery that transcends time.

Life’s mystery lies in its remarkable equilibrium. The intricacies of ecosystems, the beauty of nature, and the interconnectedness of all living beings form an exquisite, harmonious balance. This delicate equilibrium remains a constant source of wonder.

The enigma of life invites us to embark on an eternal quest, an exploration of the human spirit and the cosmos. It encourages us to learn, grow, and seek deeper truths, inspiring spiritual and intellectual journeys that expand our understanding.

While we may never fully decipher the profound mystery of life, we can embrace its beauty and uncertainty. Rather than fearing the unknown, we can savour each moment, recognising that life’s enigmatic nature is what makes it truly remarkable.

In our pursuit of knowledge and meaning, let us not forget to relish the mystery itself. Life’s secrets continue to beckon us, offering the promise of endless discovery, growth, and wonder. When we embark on the path of meditation under the guidance of a realised Master, the mystery of life begins to unravel, this journey ultimately takes us into a state of nothingness, just being.



Girish Borkar

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