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The Search For Peace

The world is in turmoil since 2020 — first it was covid, then it was the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan leaving the locals facing a life of fear, now it is the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The world has always been at war — sometimes hot, sometimes cold, on religious grounds, for scarce resources, and of late for some major powers national interest, which tramples upon the national interest of the country being attacked. In such situations human rights goes for a toss — basically it is all about power and its vulgar display!

When the world is in such a state, fear and insecurity are the natural results. First it was the fear of getting infected with the virus, then it is getting drawn into a war which no one wants, and even if one does not want to get involved, one is affected indirectly as global sanctions and their consequences result in price hike of oil and other essential commodities!

Peace talks, peace agreements, peace movements… Why is it, although there is a deep longing for peace in the world, every day, wars are being waged? And why, although so many people long for peace in their lives, does peace seem to be an impossibility even on a personal level?

Peace can only become a reality when rigid religious practices and political ideologies are dropped, and an awakened consciousness takes their place. The key to finding peace is transformation, both outer and inner, one person at a time — and this can be achieved through meditation.

Swamiji has said in several of his discourses that world peace is not possible — it was not there 5000 years ago, it isn’t there today and it will not be possible in the future either. When Swamiji talks about world peace he talks about the individual inner world — that is your aura which is developed and strengthened through meditation — it is that space of 15–20 feet around you. If you can create that peaceful aura around you, then wherever you go in the world you will always carry your peaceful world with you — meaning your aura.

When each of us begins our spiritual search and starts going within, we start developing our aura, after a point people around you notice the change in you and sense the peace. They comment about the same. Once your inner world is at peace, your outer world reflects the same — you are now peace personified!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude