The Second Corona Lockdown

Girish Borkar
1 min readApr 20, 2021

Why do we have a second lockdown

Is it because our minds have been locked out

Locked out minds of unbalanced politicians

Playing games with lives of citizens

One year to prepare for second wave

Four months prior warning all in vain

Some governments just interested in looting

The public may land in hospital for all they care

What has become of humanity

Has it become a victim of power and vanity

The virus keeps changing form

And we keep running around like nothing is wrong

Life has its way of turning around

Just have faith and stay at home

If you live you win and fight again tomorrow

Today is important for staying alive

Don’t watch the news or read the news

You don’t know what you are watching or reading

Is news or something to make you confused.

Stay at home and dive inwards

And maybe you will find the peace

That is needed to survive this scare

For scare it is as no virus will dare

Break the protection you are under

Just meditate regularly and create the shield

That will never yield — virus or no virus!



Girish Borkar

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