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The Soul’s Wisdom

We are all aware that there is a great difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is something which one acquires through learning, reading books, studying various subjects — this is all information which one studies and absorbs into one’s memory. So, where does wisdom come from? Wisdom is the knowledge that one’s soul acquires as it transitions through several births — it is the experience of many lifetimes which lies buried in the soul. That is the wisdom emanating from the soul at the appropriate moment.

Swamiji has said many times that once you obtain self-realisation your start getting tidbits of information or knowledge which you have not studied anywhere. This wisdom comes from connecting with universal consciousness, with the subtle energy of the Satguru — who is the medium of universal consciousness in the present time — this knowledge cannot be given, nor can it be received — it gets transferred automatically once you tune in to the required frequency.

One of the rich qualities of the soul is its wisdom. Tapping into our soul and its powers can enrich and transform our life. How can we tap into the power of our soul to access its wisdom? This inner wisdom is available to us any time we want, through meditation. Once we learn to access this divine wisdom we reach a state of supreme consciousness — here we get to know the answers to life’s mysteries and the purpose of our birth. We begin to see life as more than a string of meaningless events and start seeing a purpose and find a lesson in all that occurs. We start becoming witnesses and become mindful of all that is happening. It is like a 360-degree vision that one acquires.

Those of us who have got soul-realisation look at life from a new and refreshing perspective. Rather than being tossed about on the sea of life, battered and dashed by every wave, we begin to watch life just as we watch a movie with sub-titles, where the words at the bottom of the screen let us know the happenings at the spiritual level. We may still experience the roughness of the sea and the battering of the waves, but we witness and observe them with the deep inner knowledge that there is a reason and a purpose for everything that is happening.

The key to unlock the wisdom of the soul is meditation under the guidance of a realised Master who can transfer his state to you — Swamiji does that on an ongoing basis — the question is — are we receiving it? Are we vibrating at the same frequency? If we are, then the inner wisdom is accessible and available to us. We remain in ignorance of all this because blockages keep us from tapping into that reservoir of universal wisdom lying within each one of us.

Within us is a wisdom greater than any we can ever accumulate on earth. We have inside us a source of knowledge from which all other knowledge flows. We can do so by going within through meditation under guidance of a realised Master.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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