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The Subconscious Mind — Part 2

When the power of your subconscious mind starts working in your favour things start manifesting the way you want them to happen. The power of intent starts working in your favour. This power has both the plus and minus points — the positive aspect is that with positive thinking whatever happens is positive, but the danger in this is that even a single negative thought can manifest — hence it is very crucial and critical that you remain in a thoughtless state and if you have to think, then be positive in reacting to any situation.

According to the neuro-scientific community the subconscious mind is approximately 1000 to 5000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. By being connected with the correct frequencies of the universe you attract the positive and being connected with the wrong frequencies, you attract the negative. Quantum physics has shown that our thoughts modify matter. A famous experiment shows that our minds influence reality. In 2006 Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist wanted to verify that his hypothesis was valid. His experiment — he filled 3 jars with the same amount of water and rice. The first had a ‘love’ tag. The second had a label ‘indifference’, and the third had a label ‘hate’. And everyday he praised the jar labeled ‘love’, he ignored the second bottle labeled ‘indifference’ and he insulted the third bottle labeled ‘hate’! Results — the rice in the ‘love’ bottle remained intact and perfect, the rice in the ‘indifference’ bottle began to rot and the rice in the bottle labeled ‘hate’ had rotted and turned black. He had carried another experiment with water crystals which showed the beautiful shapes formed for love, compassion, happiness, excitement and the horrid shaped formed by emotions like anger, hate, jealousy!

The rice experiment is no accident as this has been repeated over the last ten years by thousands of people in their homes with the same result — thus it is obvious that our thoughts act on matter. This experiment has shown that our universe, emotions and our thoughts are made of energy — therefore your thoughts can affect your environment — this is exactly what Swamiji talks about in his discourses — thought pollution being the worst kind of pollution.

Sound affects our brain waves — alpha-beta-delta-gamma-theta, sounds affect the way our subconscious works — there are sounds for each chakra and the ultimate sounds are: Root Chakra — Lam, Sacral Chakra — Vam, Solar Plexus (Nabhi) — Ramm, Heart Chakra — Yam, Throat Chakra — Ham, Third Eye (Brow) Chakra — Om and Crown Chakra — AH. When used with focus on the specific chakra they refer to, these mantras and vibrations help evoke the emotions that come with that specific chakra, so that we can experience them freely. These sound waves help us tune our inner body and subconscious mind with the universe.

Nicholas Tesla one of the greatest inventors of all times said, “If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy and frequency.” When you meditate and reach that deep state where you become void, that is the time your frequency and the universe’s frequency match — everything becomes possible, just maintain selflessness and ensure that things happen for the greater good of mankind and not for personal benefit.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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