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There Are No Problems

Some people love to make mountains out of mole-hills — that is because their ego is not satisfied with mole-hills, the ego does not feel good — so the mind blows up every little issue! Even if such person is feeling miserable — it should be the Mount Everest of misery, nothing less will do! People go on and on, creating big problems where none existed. If one listens to someone else’s problem, on analysing it we realise that it is not really a problem and there are umpteen ways out of it.

People create problems to gather sympathy and self-importance — because without problems they feel empty, there is nothing to do, nothing to fight over, nowhere to go. The ego can exist only when it struggles, remember — when it fights. If you tell someone if you kill three flies you will get self-realisation, he will not believe you; but you tell him that if you kill a hundred lions, he will believe you — 100 lions, what a challenge! That’s how the ego works. The greater the problem, the greater the challenge — and with the challenge your ego rises, it soars high. You create the problems which don’t exist in reality.

The true Masters have been saying something else — they say just look at what you are doing, what nonsense are you doing! First you create a problem, then you look for a solution. Just watch why you are creating the problem in the first place, just the beginning of the problem, when you are creating it — watch that and that is the solution — don’t create the problem. Simple! But most of us won’t find this to be appealing, because the human ego wants something to ‘do’. Nothing to do? That becomes a problem in itself! And you begin to stuff yourself with nonsense.

You don’t have any problems — only this much has to be understood! This very moment you can drop all problems because they are your creations. Have another look at your problems: the deeper you look, the smaller they will appear. Go on looking at them and by and by they will start disappearing. Go on observing and suddenly you will find there is emptiness — a beautiful emptiness surrounds you. Nothing to do, nothing to be, because you are already that.

Start living this very moment and you will see that the more you live, the less problems there are. Because now that your emptiness is flowering and living there is no need. When you don’t live, the same energy goes sour. The same energy which would have become a flower, is stuck; not being allowed to bloom it becomes a thorn in the heart. It is the same energy.



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