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Thought Power

We are all aware that when we initially start meditation our thoughts bombard us to such an extent that one gets the feeling that meditation is not for us. Swamiji has told us to ignore the thoughts and sit down for a minimum of 30 minutes without moving — regardless of thoughts, cramps, itching or any other physical or mental disturbance which the universe may throw our way.

We need to remember that all these disturbances are nothing but tests which the divine is putting us through. With time, these thoughts and external disturbances come to a stand still and we start getting depths in our meditation, new dimensions begin to open up.

Our chitta or power of attention becomes strong and when this happens, that is when our thoughts become dangerous — simply because they start manifesting. Hence, Swamiji advises us to best remain in a thoughtless state and always in the present moment. Even if one gets thoughts, it would be best to have positive, beneficial thoughts for the good of society. Negative thoughts are dangerous as they could unknowingly harm those who are the subject of your negative vibes.

Thoughts are nothing but vibrations created in our mind which are then emitted out into the universe as thought waves — these waves are caught by those who are the subject of the thoughts — they too are unaware as to the origin of such thoughts, but they definitely are affected by them.

Our thought, ideas, and energy can be transferred without even seeing or touching a person. By our very thought, we can send our energy and thought forces anywhere we want. Touching or seeing are limited in a way. In touching we are only using our body; in seeing we are limited to the sense of sight. But the flow of energy is not limited to these things; it can travel fast. Thought forces are even more powerful than physical forces.

The ability to control our thoughts becomes extremely important in this scenario. Meditation helps us harness the power of our thoughts and channel them in the right directions. Our Master guides us in using these powers, which arise because of our meditation practices.

These powers are to be used rarely and only for the benefit of mankind; else we end up losing more than what we had gained through years of meditative practice. Any selfish use ensures that the fall from our meditative heights is quick, even though the rise took several years to achieve.



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Girish Borkar

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