Unending Search for the Self

At some point in life, one starts questioning the very purpose of life, why are we here, what are we doing, where are we headed, etc. In terms of one’s career all these questions are valid because our education, our efforts to earn a living and chart out a career path — all these questions relevant. But at some point in life, some of us start asking these questions in relation to one’s very existence! What then? These questions are very fundamental to find out who we really are — are we the body? Are we the Soul? The true seekers, even without knowing it consciously are headed towards their goal. Their attitude to life is different from that of career-oriented people. Such people are laid back, relaxed and enjoy life whatever the circumstances.

It is such people who end up looking for a Guru who can guide them in their search for the ‘Self’. In some cases, the Guru comes and finds the seeker, either directly or through his representative, because such people are spiritual but totally lost and don’t even know that they are subconsciously searching for the ‘Self’. The Guru, then takes such people under his wings and awakens them in a way and teaches them to go within and find their own selves!

This path is not for the faint hearted, you need to have the courage of your convictions, that yes — I will find my self — as on this path you have to end up giving up a lot of ‘things’ which are considered essential to day-to-day life in a civilised world! You have to let go of your attachments, both personal and material, and finally you have to let go of your ego. Both these are easier said than done.

By meditating with complete faith and belief under the Guru’s guidance, and with continuous and regular spiritual practice, you will notice slowly that your attitude to life is changing, you are changing, you become calmer, quieter, more accepting, more giving as you start going deeper within your own being. That calm, that peace, that silence which is eternal — you begin to sense that. You start experiencing cold vibrations, begin getting fragrances out of the blue, you feel the vibrations in your chakras — the energy centres in your body. With time you will see your own soul, hear the celestial sound, find yourself to be in tune with the universe. The trick is not to become a part of this, just remain a witness to whatever is happening and one day that unending search for the ‘Self’. Let us all meditate with dedication and complete faith so that we find our own ‘self’ and then ultimately merge with the universe — ‘Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande, Yatha Brahmande Tatha Pinde’ — meaning ‘As is the individual, so is the universe; as is the universe, so is the individual’.




Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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