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Universal Love

Girish Borkar
3 min readSep 27, 2022


We all know that hatred does not eliminate hatred. Most of the wars in the world to date have been fought in the name of religion — in this scenario love does not even come into the picture! One should understand the famous saying — ‘An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind’. So, the question is why do humans hate so much, why cannot the same energy be converted from its negative manifestation, to love, which is the positive manifestation?

The answer obviously lies in the human ego and desires which are never ending issues and need to be brought under some form of control. This control definitely needs to be learnt and exercised by those people who are the heads of countries — so that we can live in peace and harmony.

Universal love is an expression of the harmony of everything and everyone in the universe. We are all a part of everything, and everything is a part of all; each person we know and meet during our life-time are connected to each other. If we introspect deeply, we will realise that we are all spiritual beings in human form and have all been born with an abundance of love, energy and knowledge that is universal.

There is a saying — ‘When a butterfly flaps its wings in one corner of the world, it can cause a hurricane somewhere else in the world.’ The connectedness of universal love is somewhat similar. It is a boundless and gentle form of love, a feeling that one experiences in the presence of generosity, compassion and kindness — somewhat like the way we feel in Swamiji’s presence — nothing but pure love and serenity.

When we have this spiritual experience of the energy of universal love in Swamiji’s presence, it is like whatever we do has a sense of divinity to it, the outpouring of the sense of love from one’s heart is immediately felt by those around us. This energy is all-encompassing and embraces those around us — and they too begin to experience that overwhelming feeling of divine love.

When we have this sense then whatever we do is out of this divine love — our actions have the aspects of the divine, compassion when compassion is needed, yielding when yielding is the need of the hour. It is gentleness whenever possible or firmness whenever required. This state of loving is without any conflict.

Love cannot be given, felt, or shared unless there is compassion and unconditional acceptance of love for oneself. Accept all the love that others give, but do not expect it. Give love freely to everyone around you, the animals, plants, and the Earth itself. Strive to interpret the many differences of people from a perspective of love. From a place of love, we will gain understanding, kindness, respect, happiness, and an overall sense of gratitude and generosity. We are truly all connected in this circle of life and what you give, most certainly does return.

Just let your nature be giving and loving. That’s Gods love, an outpouring with no expectation for anything back. Love knows no bargain; it only gives and gives and gives. That’s what is called universal love.



Girish Borkar

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