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We All Make Mistakes

Before we find our true path, before we commence on our inner journey, we all have made mistakes, we all have hurt or harmed someone or the other both knowingly and unknowingly. And once we commence the inner journey and become aware of karma and its implications some of us get into a mental bind — there is fear of what we have done in the past and how it is going to affect us going forward, how we can pay for those deeds? The fear takes hold of us and starts becoming an impediment in our inner progress.

Once we find our living Master, our Satguru, he is the one who awakens and gives birth to our soul. Once he does that, he takes on all the accumulated good and bad deeds done by us in our past lives. He gives us the strength to face the consequences of whatever bad deeds we have done in this life.

The best way to get over the guilt is to repent and if you remember the people whom you have harmed, then it is best to approach such people and apologise in person. Make amends, try and make friends and if that is not possible at least wipe the slate clean and move on. Always pray for the welfare and spiritual progress of such people.

It is also a good idea to pray for the overall welfare and spiritual welfare of even those people who you may have hurt unknowingly — during meditation just offer a silent prayer to all such souls — ‘I seek forgiveness from all those souls whom I may hurt knowingly or unknowingly and I pray for their overall progress and spiritual welfare.’ This prayer can be offered just before going to bed. Similarly forgive those who may have hurt you knowingly or unknowingly and pray for their overall welfare and spiritual progress.

By doing this we are not only cleansing our selves but also sending out peaceful and loving vibrations out into the universe — making peace and offering love. At the subtle level this is of great help and over time you will find that you are benefitting as your mental fear disappears and you become calm and filled with inner quietude and peace.

Nature’s grace is such that it will pardon any mistake, because only mistakes make you learn. Every mistake you make and the lesson you learn is a stepping stone to a better and more beautiful you.

If you have the opportunity to see the people you wronged, go to them with all courage and apologise. That’s the only way to repay your debts. If you cannot see these people, if they are not here anymore, at least mentally pray for them. Think of them. Send your apologies to them. That way you can pay them back and it won’t affect you.



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