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What Am I Doing?

At the time of taking birth the soul is aware of the reason for assuming this physical body. After a period of time — three to four years — the child is filled with so much of unnecessary ‘education’ that the soul completely forgets the reason for taking birth.

But a soul that is spiritual in nature, ultimately finds a way to the spiritual path. After achieving what one wants in life, one still does not find that inner peace — and then the question arises — what am I doing? Why am I here? And so on.

Once this question arises internally it is important to have faith that whatever I am doing is ultimately going to lead me to liberation. Whatever one does — if one is eating, eat with complete faith that the food one is consuming is blessed and it is providing the required energy for the body to function at its best. Have the feeling that the divine is feeding you and you are being fed by the divine — not a leaf moves without divine blessings.

Whatever one does spiritually sticks with one forever. It creates a growing sense of purpose and worth, blesses one and those one comes in contact with, and creates a better life experience. For instance, one might say that there are two ways to play a piece of music on any musical instrument — one is with inspiration and the other without.

If the musician plays without any inspiration, then even if the notes are played correctly, the music lacks positive impact — and we have all noticed this. It may even hurt to continue listening to it. But if the same music is played with inspiration and feeling, the melody lifts the soul to great heights, giving great joy and bliss, rendering a sense of perpetual calmness to the soul.

The same rule applies to our lives in our day-to-day activities. If we just ‘play the notes’, or get through the day without inspiration and an attitude of purposefulness, our work can become tedious and even feel burdensome. But if we ‘play our music’, or act with love and delight in our heart, with inspiration, the outcome can be inspiring and delightful for ourselves and those around us.

The key is to be motivated by spiritual purpose rather than blind obedience to mindless routine. When we sit for meditation, it should not appear to be a task we are ‘doing’ to make our Guru happy. Our Guru is already in ‘that’ state, he is only encouraging us to merge with him and attain his state — that can only be done when one totally surrenders at his lotus feet.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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