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What is True Freedom?

Girish Borkar
3 min readDec 17, 2021


Our understanding of freedom strives from ‘democratic’ values which are invariably enshrined in the constitution of various countries — these are the rights each one has by operation of law. Freedom to speak, freedom to marry, freedom to write and so on….. but each of these freedoms come with reasonable restraints — meaning you are free to do what you want as long as your freedom does not impinge on that of another or is against national security!

We, who live in truly democratic countries know the meaning of freedom as we have experienced it, lived it — but what about those people who live in say Afghanistan, Libya, China and so on. Are they really free? We are now only talking about the role that freedom plays in day-to-day material life. Here, we talk about freedom to do this, freedom to do that. What we are looking for is active freedom and what we should really be seeking is inner freedom!

Inner freedom can only come when we start obtaining freedom from various attachments which we have held on to throughout our lives. Freedom from fear, anger, hate, reaction, desire and so on. How do we reach that state of freedom which truly sets us free from everything material and brings us in tune with cosmic freedom?

Simply, realising one’s mistake is not enough. Without deliberation, practice and realisation, one cannot be free from the bondage of material life, although one may have understood the impact of one’s mistakes. It is very important to take up the journey towards freedom right from one’s childhood. Without specific training, freedom is not possible.

One needs to free oneself from the grip of society and delve deep into one’s own self through meditation and introspection. You will learn to redefine your purpose in life — from material to inner growth. Unless one deliberates upon the intention of knowing and realising the Absolute Truth, there can be no true freedom!

Most people do not realise that true freedom is in reality a yogic concept. Yoga says that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not inalienable rights, but inalienable forces embedded in the very fabric of human nature. Yoga tells us that life energy, liberty (free will) and the pursuit of happiness (or soul’s desire for perfect bliss) — these are forces that act through the soul’s ten instruments — the five senses and the five senses of bodily action, with or without our permission. That is why these are not just inalienable rights but inalienable forces or processes.

We can only get true freedom through the practice of deep meditation where we merge with universal consciousness and find that nectar of bliss which lies deep within each one of us — that nectar, a taste of which once obtained sets you truly free from the bondage of the physical body!



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