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Why be detached?

Girish Borkar
2 min readApr 14, 2024


Detachment is not a state of indifference or apathy but a profound understanding of the transient nature of the material world and the eternal essence of the soul. It is a spiritual principle that invites us to release our attachment to external circumstances, desires, and outcomes, recognising that true peace and fulfilment lie within.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna teaches the importance of detachment, advising Arjuna to perform his duties without attachment to the fruits of his actions. This teaching reminds us that attachment breeds suffering, as we become entangled in the fluctuations of worldly phenomena. By cultivating detachment, we free ourselves from the grip of desire and aversion, allowing us to navigate life’s challenges with equanimity and grace.

Detachment does not mean renouncing the world or shunning responsibilities but rather approaching life with a sense of inner freedom and non-attachment. It empowers us to make decisions from a place of clarity and wisdom, rather than being swayed by fleeting emotions or external influences.

Through detachment, we transcend the ego’s need for validation and approval, realizing that our worth is not dependent on external achievements or possessions. Instead, we find fulfilment in the present moment, appreciating the beauty of life without clinging to it.

Detachment also enables us to deepen our spiritual practice, as we turn inward to explore the infinite depths of our being. By letting go of attachments to material possessions and worldly pursuits, we create space for spiritual growth and self-realization.

In the journey of detachment, we may encounter resistance and discomfort as we confront the ego’s attachments and conditioned patterns. However, with patience and perseverance, we gradually loosen the grip of the ego and align with the soul’s innate wisdom and guidance.

Detachment is not about denying our human experience but embracing it fully while remaining rooted in our spiritual essence. It allows us to engage with life with an open heart and mind, experiencing joy and sorrow without being swept away by them.

Ultimately, detachment leads to liberation — liberation from the bondage of the ego, liberation from the cycle of suffering, and liberation into the boundless expanse of pure consciousness. It is the key to unlocking the door to inner peace, contentment, and spiritual awakening.

In conclusion, the practice of detachment is a sacred journey of self-discovery and liberation. By letting go of attachments and embracing the essence of who we truly are, we find freedom, joy, and fulfilment beyond measure.



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