Why Me?

Does this question sound familiar to you? Have you ever felt this way — why me? I have heard this question asked by friends, relatives, colleagues all my life. And my response has always been — why not you? From very early in life I had learnt to accept that whatever happens, happens for a purpose and that it is always for the good. I have no idea from where I embraced that attitude — it has most likely something to do with my past birth!

When something good happens in life nobody says — why me, why not someone else?! It is only when something ‘bad’ happens that one starts getting such feelings. Whatever happens in life happens because it is good for you. It is helping you work out your karma, it is helping you climb to a higher plane of consciousness. We need to have the courage to face all such tough situations in life and move forward. The longer we wait thinking that the situation will go away if we do nothing, we put ourselves in danger of being badly affected. Recently I read an interesting story — a son in his twenties and his father were driving home from their farm when a massive storm, with high wind speed and blinding rain hit them. Visibility became almost zero — there were lots of cars parked on the highway waiting for the storm to pass. The son wanted to stop too as he was finding it difficult to drive in such near impossible conditions. But the father told him not to be afraid, keep to the center of the road, look ahead and drive slowly, keep moving. So, in spite of his doubts he listened to his father and after an hour or so they had passed the storm and come into the sunlight. The father told his son to stop the car now. The son was puzzled, “You told me not to stop when the storm was at its peak, and you are asking me to stop when it is nice and bright!” His father told him to look behind at the highway — the son was astonished — the storm was still raging and cars which had stopped had been blown over by the wind and many people were trying to hide from the storm, get out of cars which had overturned, etc.

Life is like that — when times are tough, we just have to ride the storm, not ask — why me? Everything happens for a purpose, face what life throws at you with a smile and you will always be happy. Always look ahead, keep moving, don’t stop as that could mean a full stop — that is the lesson!

Meditation helps you get that outlook in life, calms you from within and gives you tensile strength and never say die attitude to face life as it comes. May we all find our inner strength through regular meditation — that is my prayer to the Almighty!

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Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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